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bleach - Kisuke Urahara
I love him! no joke. Very High
Bleach - Yachiru
She's too cute Very High
Cowboy bebop- Ed
Ed with glasses Will Give Kidney
DBZ - Goku
Goku!! I want this sooooo.. bad! Will Give Kidney
Inuyasha - Inuyasha
bad doggy Very High
This is a rare cel with inuyasha with his hat on. Very High
Inuyasha - Kagome

This is Kagome when she was very happy to see Inuyasha. In fact she was so excited she stood up from her bath and her and Inuyasha were very embarassed =] Very High
Inuyasha- Kagome
this is kagome sleeping and i want it so bad!! =[ i seriously give a kidney...umm..actually maybe not ^-^ Will Give Kidney

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